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ISO 14001 - the international standard

Wadda Plantation maintains an environmental management system consistent with ISO 14001. This is a process standard that enables a business to

  1. establish an environmental policy appropriate to the particular organisation;
  2. identify the environmental aspects arising from the organization's past, existing or planned activities, products or services, to determine the environmental impacts of significance;
  3. identify the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements;
  4. identify priorities and set appropriate environmental objectives and targets;
  5. establish a structure and (a) programme(s) to implement the policy and achieve objectives and targets;
  6. facilitate planning, control, monitoring, corrective action, auditing and review activities to ensure both that the policy is complied with and that the environmental management system remains appropriate;
  7. be capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

ISO 14001 is widely used both in Australia and internationally, by companies seeking to ensure that they meet legal obligations, and to become eco-efficient.

Wadda Plantation Environment Policy

This is the Environment Policy of Wadda Plantation, owned and operated by the Gallagher family.

We are committed to the sustainable production of high quality bananas, by operating an enterprise that:

  1. Minimises or prevents pollution by:
    1. Minimising the use of materials or processes that have the potential to pollute the environment,
    2. Preferring the use of materials that are suited to recycling, processes that are energy efficient and minimise pollution, and
    3. Giving preference to suppliers with similar commitments to environmental stewardship etc.
  2. Maintains the soil, water, native vegetation and on farm infrastructure, upon which our enterprise relies;
  3. Addresses the major natural resource management priorities in our region;
  4. Meets or surpasses its obligations under relevant environmental legislation and meets its environmental duty of care; and
  5. is resilient and not easily damaged by changes in trading circumstances, or in government policy, or in other factors.

Management of the plantation does not solely involve banana production. All things are related. Nothing happens in isolation. All our decisions take into account outcomes will impact on the natural environment and banana production. We are constantly changing and improving, to find the balance, to find sustainability.

Because our business is located in the Wet Tropics, which is an ecologically significant region, we have considered the regional priorities of the Natural Resources Management Board of the Wet Tropics and other environmental management agencies in our management plans and systems.

Given the uncertainties associated with biological systems and the causal connections between land uses and environmental impacts, we are implementing best practice to address environmental issues of concern in this region.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental management system as our resources permit, and as research provides more information on the impacts of land management, and measures to address these environmental challenges.

Our enterprise is located at Nerada Rd, Innisfail. The property is set in Johnstone Shire, Queensland. This environment policy applies only to our banana enterprise.

The business office of our enterprise is located at the Nerada Road packing shed and its postal address is PO Box 201, Innisfail, 4860. A copy of this environment policy may be obtained by writing to that address, by contacting us on (07) 4064 5233.

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