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Quality Assurance and Food Safety Inspection



Food Safety

Wadda Plantation maintains an independently audited food safety system.

It is based on HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point principles. HACCP is an internationally used quality management system. After a detailed review of potential risks to consumers, HACCP requires that food businesses establish procedures to eliminate these30 July, 2007documentation showing that the procedures are being implemented. Certification can only be kept if regular auditing shows that the system is still actively in operation.

Although fresh bananas are a food product with very few risks to be managed, Wadda Plantation places a high value on having a system to provide independently verified assurances to its customers that its food products are of the highest standard.

Food Safety Policy

Wadda Plantation is a family company committed to growing high quality bananas.

We have developed the commitment to enable us to provide quality and safety in all areas of the production of bananas, from growing , through to packing and selling.

A high level of training of our staff, and a HACCP based quality assurance system with all the documentation necessary, will enable us to meet our customer requirements.

We ensure our staff understand and share our commitment, and we will continue to maintain a high level of training and support to enable them to maintain our goal to provide our customers with their requirements for safe quality food.



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